About Saddle Creek Farms

Located in Northeast Ohio, Saddle Creek Farms Bedding, Inc. was established in 1997. Our desire to have a clean and reliable source of animal bedding for our own horse training business in Canfield, Ohio led us to the creation of Saddle Creek Farms Bedding. Here at Saddle Creek we understand how important it is to be able to trust that the products you are purchasing for your animals to be safe, clean and there when you need it. Our business started because of our own needs and quickly became a thriving business with a solid reputation for delivering a quality product on time when needed.

Our commitment to fulfilling the needs of our ever expanding clientele, led us to an expansion of products and services. SCF now offers a variety of wood fiber products for not only animal bedding but also industrial use and landscape bark mulch. With the acquisition of our dedicated trucking fleet, SCF can accommodate orders of any size regionally as well as nationally. Please contact us with questions regarding your wood fiber needs.