Quality Animal Bedding

Small Flake Shavings

Our smallest blend of kiln-dried shavings is highly absorbent and our most popular choice for your equine athletes as well as farm animals. These shavings lay in a stall nicely so that they provide the right amount of padding to keep your horses healthy, happy and sound. The small flake makes it easy to clean the stalls, saving time and reducing the amount of waste taken out. This material is processed through a triple deck screener to ensure the proper flake size and provides a small absorbent flake with minimal dust.  This is a high quality shaving at a very reasonable price.

*Available in Bulk or 3.25cu ft Bags.

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Large Flake Shavings

Our large flake shavings is a popular choice for bedding stalls at horse shows and livestock fairs. It also works great in foaling stalls and livestock trailers. The large flake shavings gives comfort to your animals and stays looking good in the stall. The larger flake blend has the same great absorbency as our small flake blend, just a little different ratio to the mix. Our Large Flake Shaving is triple-screened to provide you with a soft, high volume and fluffy flake shaving. Our shavings are made from all softwoods and screened to ensure a great a quality material for your animals.

*Available in Bulk or 3.25 cu ft. Bags.

Green Sawdust

Our sawmill dust is a great economical bedding for your animals. It provides dust-free bedding for your animal to stand or lay on. This product is not kiln-dried. 

*Available in Bulk only.

Premium Wood Bedding Pellets

Our wood pellets are highly compressed, so they expand to absorb more than other bedding materials. They are easy to pick, saving you time while cleaning your stalls. They provide great dust-free bedding for your animal. The use of pelletized bedding can reduce the volume of waste disposal by up to 50%.  Just add a little water or use as is. 


*Available in 40lb Bags.



Kiln Dried Wood Fiber

This product provides maximum absorption but is also dusty.  This material is produced from all virgin wood and contains no glue or chemicals. It can be used in water treatment facilities and in industrial cleanups. Not recommended for horse farms because of the dust.

*Available in Bulk.

Heating Pellets

Our pelletized wood heating pellets are for use in heating stoves. Manufactured from hardwood material they burn clean and hot.

*Available in 40 lb Bags


Landscape Mulch

Single-Shredded Natural Bark Mulch

Our single shredded bark is available in a fresh light color or aged for a darker look. Perfect for improving your landscaping.

*Available in Bulk.


Double-Shredded Natural Ground Bark Mulch

Our natural bark is 100% bark. It’s aged to give it a dark rich color. To ensure quality, it is double shredded. It’s sure to look great in any landscaping bed.

*Available in Bulk.


Clean Wood Chips

Our clean wood chips are an economical landscaping option. They can be used in flower beds or walkways.

*Available in Bulk.


Dependably Moving Wood Fiber for Over Two Decades

Over the years, our shipping fleet has grown to meet our customer's needs. With over ten trucks and more than 100 trailers, we can deliver and pick up any material needed.

Bagged Shipments

Palletized Pallets are capped and wrapped, 45 bags to a pallet.



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Bulk Shipments

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15yd Dump Truck

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120yd Walking floor trailer

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